Traditionally, spring is the busy selling season because bad weather can make homes look dreary and may be a deterrent to buyers visiting open houses. On the other hand, sellers may take advantage of the limited inventory available during the winter season and sell their home quicker and/or for a premium.

Below are 5 tips to prepare your home for sale this winter, and, as always, if you are considering selling your home, call Carolyn today at (240) 353-7601 for a free, no obligation consultation.

*Maximize the light in your home by pulling up the blinds, opening shutters, pushing back drapes on all windows and turning on all lights, including appliance, counter, and closet lights. Consider using spotlights on the floor behind furniture for particular dark rooms. You may also want to put indoor lamps on a timer to automatically turn on at times when buyers are visitn gthe home.

*Turn up the heat to ensure the home is comfortable; this will give buyers an incentive to take a closer look around the home, especially when it is cold outside.

*Decorate each room so that it appears warm, inviting, and cozy.

*Bake cookies or simmer spices in water on the stove and put out light refreshments and snacks before buyer visits.

*Make sure all snow and ice is cleared from your front walk and there is a clear path to the door.

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