It’s that time of year again when the leaves start falling and the temperatures begin dropping in and around the D.C. area! As we transition seasons, it’s important to stay up-to-date on home maintenance to ensure your home stays safe and warm as the cooler months approach.

We are re-sharing the list of top recommendations from our friends at Douglas Construction Group to make sure your home is ready for the change of season. 

  • Get gutters and downspouts checked and cleaned (especially important over the next few weeks with lots of falling leaves!)
  • Check/Change HVAC filters as needed. 
  • Have your furnace inspected (be sure to do this with a licensed and insured contractor!) 
  • Wood-Burning Fireplace – have professionally cleaned (and ensure damper closes properly.) 
  • Check humidifier (filters should be changed annually.) 
  • Shut off exterior faucets and store hoses. 
  • Check Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors and change batteries. 
  • Ensure that the exterior grade around your home’s foundation walls runs water away from your home. 
  • Clear areaways, window wells, and exterior drains of debris (continue to check these throughout the winter.) 
  • Check Sump Pump for proper operation (and consider having inspected by a licensed plumber.) 
  • Caulk and seal all exterior penetrations, including around windows and doors, to prevent water or unwelcome critters from getting in and heat from getting out! 
  • Check GFCI breakers and outlets. 
  • Garage Door – check for smooth operation and lubricate if needed. 
  • Hot Water Heater – consider draining, removing sediment from the bottom, and refilling (it is recommended to have this done periodically by a licensed plumber.)

As always, it’s important to stay proactive on all home maintenance in order to continue to sustain and grow your home’s value. If you need recommendations for contractors, please don’t hesitate to reach out. The Carolyn Homes Team has a long list of trusted partners who can help you with all your home maintenance needs all year round!

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