If you are considering refreshing your home’s décor in the new year, consider these five trends that top designers anticipate will be big in 2020:

*Bold Mono-Chromatics – monochromatic colors in bold hues such as Cobalt Blue and Kelly Green will be big.

*Warm Wood Floors – walnut, mahogany, and dark oak finishes are becoming increasingly common as bleached and whitewashed floors fade in popularity.

*Earth-Tone Paints – shades of chocolate brown, deep red, olive green, and yellow ochre are taking over in place of cool tones.

*Performance Fabrics – performance fabrics will become increasingly desirable as they make each room both functional and aesthetically-pleasing.

*Furniture with Rounded Edges – 1980s décor is having a resurgence as round furniture with softened corners and curved backs makes a comeback.

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